Life.  Sometimes it just comes at you.  Sometimes it feels like it’s swallowing you whole.  Yet sometimes, it can fill you with immense joy where you just can’t stop smiling.  That’s why I’m writing this blog, because life can be sunny, but then the thunder comes rolling in.

I’m using this as a way for me to get out my thoughts and feelings.  It’s a way for me to try to understand my own life, because right now, life doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I see the sunshine.  I feel it.  But I also have this constant rumble of thunder living inside me.

I have depression.

Depression doesn’t mean I’m always sad.  I have plenty of good days!  Depression just means that I’m sad more intensely than normal, and for longer periods of time than is normal.  It’s unpredictable.  I could be having the greatest day ever, then one tiny thing will happen, and I’ll suddenly snap into a deep depression out of nowhere.

This is my journey.  I am a fighter.  Depression will not win.


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